Monday, January 30, 2012

Mazzer Grinder Price Increase

Hello all, just a friendly reminder that all Mazzer Grinders will be getting a price increase starting February 1, 2012

Get your orders in now at

Here is a direct link to view all of our Mazzer Grinders; Unique Coffee Roasters - Mazzer Grinders

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Now Selling Hario Drippers

Unique Coffee Roasters is now proud to be selling Hario products.
These products are designed to make the best possible cup of coffee at home. The different extraction methods work in unison with our amazing coffees. If you're not 100% happy we will refund you 100% and take back the product.

Hario is dedicated to three main views:

The Environment

We are carrying out production activities in the plant surrounded by the natural environment to provide a healthy, rich life to not only the neighboring community but also to all the people on the earth.


We place the highest value on quality and produce high-quality products with excellent design and function.


Our glass instruments are the result of skills inherited and improved among experienced craftsmen of HARIO since 1921.
At Unique Coffee Roasters we are initially offering three excellent Hario products. Available at the best prices on the internet! Order today we anticipate these to go quickly.